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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  I’m interested in swimming with you.  How do I get started?

A.  The best way to get started is to come and try out a practice or one of our ocean swims.  We will ask that you sign our liability waiver to ensure we are covered by USMS insurance.  We are happy to host you for one free swim.  We have pool swim practices on Mondays and Wednesdays, 7pm-8:15pm at the Kailua District pool at 21 South Kainalu Drive, Kailua.  You can also join us for an open water swim on Saturdays at 8am.  The location for the ocean swim varies, so it’s best to get on our email list so that you can get all the updates on practices.

Q.  I loved the practice!  How do I join?

A.  To join KMSC, please complete the following 3 steps:

  1. Complete the New Member Application
  2. Pay quarterly or annual dues ($75 per quarter or $250 per year)
  3. Register with USMS http://www.usms.org/reg/register.php

 Q.  What do my dues pay for?  How do I pay dues?

A.  Our membership dues are used to cover coaching, ocean lifeguards, swim equipment like kickboards, pull-buoys, fins and paddles, and sanctioned team functions.  Dues may be paid online using PayPal or a credit card.  You don’t have to have a PayPal account to use this service.  If you prefer to pay by check, please mail it to:  KMSC, PO Box 1927, Kailua, HI 96734.

Q.  I’m still not sure if I want to join.

A.  If you’re still unsure if you’d like to commit to the club, we’re happy to have you join as an interim member.  Drop in fees after the first practice are $5.  If you are not a registered USMS swimmer (with our club or another) you may join us for up to 30 days.  If you plan to join us for longer than 30 days, you will be required to join USMS.

Q.  How much are USMS fees?  What are they for?

A.  USMS fees are $35 per calendar year plus $10 for the Hawaii Masters fee.   USMS has nearly 60,000 members. USMS membership supports the mission of promoting adult health, wellness, fitness, and competition through aquatics. USMS has been encouraging adults to swim for more than 40 years.  In addition, every registered USMS member is provided $25,000 of excess personal accident insurance. The USMS insurance is secondary to the member’s primary insurance. In the event the member has no insurance, the USMS insurance is primary up to $25,000. For more information on USMS, please visit:  http://www.usms.org/reg/content/benefits

Q.  I’m here visiting.  Can I swim with you?

A.  YES!  We’re happy to have visitors join us for swims.  If you are a registered USMS swimmer with another club, you may swim with us for free for up to 30 days.  If you are not a registered USMS swimmer, we ask that you pay the $5 drop in fee plus sign our liability waiver.  If you will be swimming with us for longer than 30 days, consider joining USMS and paying our quarterly dues.

Q. Do you host or participate in swim meets?

A.  At this time no, we do not host or participate in swim meets.  As part of our ongoing commitment to lifelong swimming, we are pursuing co-hosting a swim meet on Oahu but don’t have a date set yet.

Q.  I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to swim.  

A.  Unlike more rigid team practices at the high school and college level, KMSC encourages participation in as many practices as your schedule allows.

Q.  Help!  I’m a…college swimmer…triathlete…beginner…

A.  KMSC has all kinds of members:  former college all-stars, high school swimmers, new adult swimmers, elite triathletes, beginner triathletes, water lovers, and fitness enthusiasts.  We encourage anyone interested in swimming to join us.  Our club is open to all levels including beginner, though unfortunately we don’t offer swim lessons.

Q.  What are your pool practices like?

A.  Pool practices are coached by USMS coaches.  Lanes are assigned by skill and speed so everyone is swimming with someone of similar ability.  Coaches post a workout on the board and monitor performance providing feedback as needed.  If you’re new to swimming, no problem!  Introduce yourself to the coach on deck and they’ll help get you started.

Q.  What are open water swims like? 

A.   One of the best things about living in Hawaii is open water swimming year round.  Every Saturday we have an open water swim with a kayak escort.  If you’re able to swim non-stop for at least 30 minutes, you would likely be able to join us on Saturdays.  Many of our swimmers bring fins and snorkels for the first swim.  We pair up by ability so no one swims alone.  Arrive a few minutes early to find parking and talk to one of our experienced swimmers about the day’s course.  Swim locations vary between Kailua Beach Park and Lanikai depending on weather, and occasionally we’ll explore another part of the island.  Please be sure to sign in when you arrive and sign out when you return from the swim.  The Saturday swim is considered a practice so we ask to please bring your $5 drop in fee.  We also have a reduced annual membership if you choose to just swim with us for our ocean swims.

Q.  Can I only participate in pool or only ocean swims?

A.  Yes.  The Saturday swim is considered a practice so we ask to please bring your $5 drop in fee.  We also have a reduced annual membership if you choose to just swim with us for our ocean swims.

Q.  Do I have to register with USMS?

A.  Yes if you plan on swimming for more than 30 days with us.

Q.  What is the email list?

A.  The email list is used only to communicate practices and special events to the club.  We occasionally send an email regarding other swimming opportunities in Hawaii.  There is no commitment required to sign up for the email list.

Q.  Who are your coaches?

A.  Cassie Pardee is from Sierra Vista, Arizona and a currently a Marine Science graduate student at HPU working on fisheries.  She swam competitively through college and is now a coach of KMSC and the Aulea swim team.

Randall Scarborough began coaching for KMSC in 2012. He comes to us from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia where he was a 10-time NCAA All-American swimmer and varsity record holder. He is currently in the Masters of Marine Science Graduate program at Hawaii Pacific University studying marine mammals in the Pacific. He grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, and has 8 years of coaching and private lesson experience for all ages and abilities.

Q.  Who are the Board Members for 2013?

A. Our current Board Members are as follows:

President Mark Batchelor
Vice President Carly Killam
Secretary Carl Allen
Treasurers Dave Zimmerman & Tony Perrault
Social Director Dean Woicek
IT Support Rob Bootsma
Coach Emma Forbes

Q.  How can I contact you?

A.  If you would like to contact us please complete the form below.  One of our board members will get back to you shortly.